Posted by: genghisprawn | August 7, 2008


Welcome to Amphidrome!

This blog will play host to a pupil of Nature’s musings on natural history and scientific research. Dipnet and calipers at my side, I’ll be roaming through the wilds of biogeography, aquatic ecology, invasion biology, and systematics. You’ll encounter your fair share of river prawns along the way, but non-carcinologists certainly shouldn’t feel left out. That said — if the locals prove quick to pinch, don’t say you weren’t warned. (Gourmets might be disappointed, but who knows? There’s probably even room for a dastardly shell-peeler or two.)

What’s in store, you ask? Stream-dwellers that waft across oceans, waterfall-scaling filter feeders, foreign mercenaries in a crusade against man-killing snails, and an endless parade of creatures elegant, puzzling, and tragically out of place.



  1. You had me at “dipnet and calipers”!! Great to see the Invertosphere widen! You are linked, and entered into my RSS feed. Looking forward to blogospheric interactions.

    * btw I LOVE the name “genghisprawn” lmao

  2. Thanks, Kevin — I’ve linked to you as well.

  3. What Kevin said. And the bit about dipnet and calipers drew me in but biogeography hooked me!

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