Posted by: genghisprawn | October 7, 2008

Mark Your Calendars: Tokyo 2009

What follows is from an e-mail sent by Dr. Ray Bauer of the University of Louisiana to CRUST-L, the mailing list of the The Crustacean Society, on 28 Sept. 2008.

The symposium “Life History Migrations of Freshwater Shrimps: Ecological and Adaptive Significance” organized by Ray Bauer (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA) and Hiroshi Suzuki (Kagoshima University, Japan) will be presented at the Summer Meetings of The Crustacean Society in Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 20-24, 2009 (see meeting and symposium webpages:

A symposium-related contributed paper session will be held in conjunction with the symposium.  Contributed papers on topics dealing with migrations of freshwater shrimps (amphidromy) or related life history topics will be considered.  If you would like your presentation to be included and listed on the symposium webpage as part of this contributed paper session, please contact either Ray Bauer ( or Hiroshi Suzuki (

Here’s what’s in store:

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